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The 4 am Report

Jan 26, 2022

From 1 podcast episode, you should expect to mine no less than 10 pieces of content for distribution. This will multiply the reach of the average content calendar manifold.
What are the 10 pieces? 
1 x blog post
3 x social posts (written - snippets of the blog post 👆 )
3 x social posts (visual cards - quote and...

Jan 20, 2022

This week Susan is joined by Andrew Jenkins, founder and CEO of Volterra and host of the Low Production High Value Show.

What's hot this week? 

Is Joe Rogan a public health menace?

A recent open letter from scientists, public health professionals, and professors urged Spotify to take a stand against misinformation on...

Jan 12, 2022

What makes someone actually get brave enough to rant about something? 
And if the something you're ranting about is the workplace approach to diversity, does it get even more loaded as a subject? 
Nita Tandon, Founder of Dalcini Stainless, award-winning sustainable housewares, is here for the inaugural issue...

Jan 6, 2022

To kick off a fresh year's dishing sessions on marketing news, Susan is joined by mindset mentor and performance coach Megan O'Neill. What's hot this week? 👇

New Day's Lyric

One of our favourite rising stars, poet Amanda Gorman, made 2021 her own in a whirlwind of events from the US presidential inauguration, to the...