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The 4 am Report

Jan 6, 2022

To kick off a fresh year's dishing sessions on marketing news, Susan is joined by mindset mentor and performance coach Megan O'Neill. What's hot this week? 👇

New Day's Lyric

One of our favourite rising stars, poet Amanda Gorman, made 2021 her own in a whirlwind of events from the US presidential inauguration, to the Met Gala, to the Superbowl, all while snagging a groundbreaking contract with Estée Lauder and penning 3 number 1 bestselling books. Now to ring in the new year, in partnership with Instagram, Amanda has released her latest poem, 'New Day's Lyric' in beautiful video form. The poem speaks of hope, love, and connection.

Pizza Hut Canada decides to make the decision to get decisive about roasting Premier Ford

After yet another lockdown announcement that left us with many many SMH moments, many people took to social media to air their grievances with Ontario Premier Doug Ford. As we love to see happening these days, we caught on to a little bit of Twitter newsjacking brought to us by none other than Pizza Hut, who cheekily took a popular term from the speech that one clever and entertaining step further.  

2021 takes our Golden Girl

As if 2021 didn't already take our sanity, on the last day of the year the legend Betty White passed away at the age of 99. She has touched every generation from her start in show biz. If there was anyone that should have lived forever, based solely on the fact that she was so universally loved, it was Betty. Knowing how wonderful she was, she probably just didn't want to sully the new year with such sad news 😢 We'll miss you, Betty! 

The science of climate humour

The movie Don't Look Up has been popular thanks to its cast of big stars, but it's also raised some questions about its satirical coverage of climate change and politics. Since the topic of climate change is so serious, is it really appropriate to joke about it? In short, yes! We are all about the EQ (Entertainment Quotient) around here, and agree with Canadian comic Leonard Chan who believes that the closer the humour is to crisis or upheaval, the better the humour has to be. Write well, use your common sense, and have some fun!