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The 4 am Report

Feb 23, 2022

Does looking into your podcast stats and seeing little numbers make you sad and stressed out? 

Should you even care about the number of downloads and listens you get?

Short answer, no. 

To really get an idea of the effect your podcast is really having, we thought of a little model we like to call the domino effect....

Feb 16, 2022

Podcasting is changing at warp speed. 

That said, there are some myths that you can safely dispel. 
Podcasting is NOT over indexed.

We are far from the oversaturation issues that you might read about in the headlines!

When you compare podcasts to blogs and videos, you're at least 10, if not 100 times lower in terms of ...

Feb 10, 2022

Joe Rogan, Spotify's million dollar baby

There's just so much to say about the ongoing saga of what Spotify should be and is or isn't doing with Joe Rogan and his podcast The Misinformation Station The Joe Rogan Experience. Despite a few "Sorry, but..."s and the removal of 75-80 episodes containing inappropriate...

Feb 2, 2022

Last week we talked about how to take an episode and break it up into multiple smaller pieces - micro podcasts. So how do you spin that around and take a bunch of podcasts and consolidate them into larger pieces that convert?

  • Combining four or five episodes into a monthly email
  • Publishing a quarterly e-book...