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The 4 am Report

Jan 20, 2022

This week Susan is joined by Andrew Jenkins, founder and CEO of Volterra and host of the Low Production High Value Show.

What's hot this week? 

Is Joe Rogan a public health menace?

A recent open letter from scientists, public health professionals, and professors urged Spotify to take a stand against misinformation on Joe Rogan's hugely popular podcast. Joe's controversial guests, anti-vax rhetoric, and conspiracy theories could be considered a risk to public health as his audience is so huge. Spotify is naturally hesitant to muzzle their star, as they exclusively stream the podcast and it has made them (and continues to make) huge dollars.

TikTok for B2B?

TikTok is the ultimate modern rabbit hole for entertaining, thought-provoking, and engaging material (with a fair bit of crap thrown in for good measure). With 689 million users, it's also THE hot spot for the under-35 crowd, but is it the next big space for B2B? Like anything else in marketing, the key is to research thoroughly, know your audience, and dip your toe in the water before taking the big plunge. Claim an account in your name, take a good look around, and engage with people before getting your TikTok video vibe on.

Metaverse Musings

It was recently announced that Microsoft will be buying the gaming publisher Activision (of Call of Duty fame), leading Susan and Andrew to muse about how the virtual world is not just sneaking up on us, but is already becoming part of our lives. Naturally, the bridge to the metaverse is in gaming, as we know many a person that spends more time out of reality than in it. Something that is very appealing to people is that anonymity that the metaverse allows, and while that's good for some things, having a trusted commercial relationship is not one them.


Watch the full episode here for a new 5 question segment with co-hosts on podcasting. Only on the LIVE video format, not the podcast!