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The 4 am Report

Feb 26, 2020

WAKE UP!! It’s time for the 4 AM Report – your weekly “before the dawn” look at what keeps you awake at night when it comes to your marketing efforts. And today we have dragged a special guest out of bed to join us.

Zannat Reza is founder and chief storyteller at Thrive360, and she spends her waking hours...

Feb 20, 2020

It’s that time again, folks, when the stars are still out 🌟🌟🌟 and your bed is SO WARM – The 4 AM Report is back!

In this episode we're talking about what’s keeping Amy Vodarek up at night. Founder of Insight Edge, she’s a coach, consultant, author and educator, who works with women leaders, their teams...

Feb 12, 2020

Hello again, sleepless warriors (omigod SO TIRED)! It’s time for another episode of the Four AM Report! As if being sleep deprived over one issue wasn’t enough – this week we have a guest who is sleep-deprived TWICE OVER!

Welcome Kim Chernecki *sleepy Kim rubs sand out of her eyes 👀👀👀*, CEO and founder of...

Feb 6, 2020

Today we are kicking off season four of the 4 am Report 🥰

Today we're talking to Suzanne Tyson, who is someone who's been involved in various capacities with higher education and student funding for more than half or 30 year career, holding roles in several educational publishing companies, the loyalty industry and a...