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The 4 am Report

Aug 27, 2020

It’s time for another edition of the 4AM Report, and today we talk about the real harm caused by extreme social isolation. 

We know that some of you - juggling work, family, kids, 24/7 these past 6 months – might gnaw your right arm off for a little “social isolation.” 😆🤣😆

But long-term social isolation...

Aug 12, 2020

Is it hot where you are? 🔥🥵🍳 How’s your sleep? 😴💤😴 

We’re struggling - but not complaining - because SUMMER! And summer/lack of sleep be damned – here at c+p digital the show never stops! 

It’s time for the 4 AM Report – where we find out what’s keeping marketers up at night.


Aug 6, 2020

Hello friends! 🥰 It’s time for another edition of the 4 AM Report! And today, we want to talk LOCAL!

With 🦠Covid-19🦠 still lurking (such a jerk!) and slow re-openings *carefully* occurring – there’s been a definite push everywhere to “think local.” 

🛍 Shop local.

🍽 Dine local.

🏖 Vacay local.