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The 4 am Report

Aug 19, 2021

Many people think it's boring, but it's not. The much maligned content audit is a fantastic tool to amplify your content. On this episode of 🎙The 4am Report🎙, we have a panel of three content auditing experts from the world of international marketing👏. We talk about the pet peeves that keep us up at night and the four content audit things you’re not thinking about – and should be:

  1. Focusing on your Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
  2. Establishing patterns by running ads
  3. Using public domain content 
  4. Trawling your own company for content  

🎧 Tune in for more! 🎧


About Romina Buchle

Romina is a passionate friction fighter for marketing, sales and customer success. She knows online marketing and the implementation of digital strategies, processes and tools and likes to get into the engine room from time to time. As Marketing Manager at Aioma she strives to enable fellow B2B marketers in Europe to do Rockstar Marketing - even with very limited resources.

About Amber Khan

Amber Khan is the founder of Amplifyology where they help marketing leads & author entrepreneurs defy obscurity & ignite their brands using the science of building brand momentum that we call, Amplifyology. 
She's also authored an international bestseller called Guilt Free Motherhood for entrepreneurial mums suffering from "mum-guilt". 
She believes that, without content marketing, your business is doomed. And without content repurposing, your content marketing is doomed.

About Kira Tchernikovsky

Kira is an international marketing consultant with over 14 years of experience with startup companies and corporates. 
In 2020 Kira started her own gig - Customerization - to offer businesses fit-for-purpose solutions in the business technology space. Customerization enables small and medium businesses in Canada and beyond to sell and service digitally by implementing Zoho business automation technology and repeatable marketing programs that boost revenue.