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The 4 am Report

Nov 1, 2023

In this episode, host Susan Diaz chats with Simon Chou, host of tech happy hours, CMO at BCjobs, 2x podcast founder with over 1M listens 🎙️

And perhaps most key: Simon believes you can't spell business without ‘fun’! 

Key takeaways you’ll gain in this deep and fun episode:

💡 How Simon grew an intimate community focussed on introverted founders to a meaningful network that tech leaders make time for on a regular basis.

🤝 The state of AI adoption among founders and marketing leaders from coast-to-coast in Canada (Simon and Susan pull back the curtains on their first hand intel as podcasters and community builders in the marketing x tech space)

🎙️ How AI is helping CMOs and founders stay in their zone of genius by creating upwards of 50% improvement in marketing execution. (They go deep on how to use AI for podcasting via tools like Descript and ChatGPT. Do. Not! Miss. Out!!!) 

🎧 The importance of playing the long game with podcasting. Spoiler alert: it takes 50-60 episodes to build a loyal audience that feeds into your pipeline

🏢 What really matters when it comes to branding in an age of “me too” and “robotic” content, whether it is created by humans or machines!

🔥And perhaps most important, learn what hot sauce has to do with brands. (Bonus points if you can guess who prefers habanero and who prefers Carolina Reaper. Drop Simon and Susan a note on LinkedIn.

Tune into this fun and free-flowing episode, which will leave you with valuable insights on the role of AI in community building, podcasting, personal branding, and of course - hot sauce! 

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