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The 4 am Report

Jul 13, 2022

After 175 episodes, we took our first ever summer break, and now we're back kicking things off with a bang and starting off a three-episode series on how to repurpose your webinar or masterclass that is now defunct or not functioning as well as it should, or maybe it's a little bit outdated. 

Today I specifically want to focus on the 3 resistances that people feel when you tell them to repurpose a piece of content, especially if it's a large infrastructure piece of content, like a webinar or a masterclass.

1) Should this kind of quality content still be free and ungated?
2) "This feels wrong” -
if you put it out for free are you somehow dishonouring the people who did you the courtesy of giving you something in return for that content?
3) Is Google going to penalize you? Are people not going to hate you if you put the same thing everywhere??

Listen in 🎧