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The 4 am Report

Nov 15, 2023

Welcome to The 4am Report, where we peek into the marketing woe that keep entrepreneurs awake at night. In this episode, host Susan Diaz, chats with two remarkable guests, Jennie Wright and Deirdre Tshien, diving deep into the synergy between AI (artificial intelligence) and long-form content, especially focusing on podcasts and online summits.

🤖 How embracing AI can significantly reduce the overwhelm by automating content creation.

🌟 Why it's crucial to maintain authenticity and focus on providing value to build community and consistency in marketing in the age of AI.

💡 While AI tools offer tremendous benefits, why it's essential to keep our humanity in marketing and business growth.

🎯 The importance of starting by identifying business bottlenecks and then selecting the AI tools that align with your goals.

🔧 Should you use generalist tools like ChatGPT and Claude or specialist tools like Capsho for podcasting and summits?

🎧 Listen to the episode for all that and a LOT more!


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Jennie Wright on LinkedIn, or visit for insights on list building, lead generation, and impactful launches.

Deirdre Tshien on LinkedIn for more info about Capsho and Capshovians Live


Thank you for tuning in to The 4am Report. If our discussions strike a chord, please leave us a 5-star review and share this episode with fellow entrepreneurs. Until next time, may your marketing be as smart as your AI.


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