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The 4 am Report

Oct 18, 2023

Welcome back to The 4am Report! In this episode, host Susan Diaz chats with marketing consultant Tereza Litsa about practical ways for small businesses to start integrating AI into their workflows.

Here are some of the key takeaways on the other end of this episode!

🔑 There is a gap between AI hype and real adoption - only 29% of SMBs are leveraging AI tools currently. Overcoming the perception of complexity is key.

🤝 AI should augment human skills, not replace them. Think "human + machine" rather than "human vs. machine." 

🏃‍♀️ Start small with basic AI tools focused on specific use cases, like using ChatGPT for ideation. Let benefits motivate gradual expansion.

📈 Review your workflows first to identify friction points before determining where AI can help. Visual mapping can be useful.

🔍 Look to everyday tools like Canva that are building in AI capacities in stealthy ways. Explore familiar platforms for new automations. 

❌ Don't try to overhaul everything at once. Narrow your focus to find the right AI balance for your team's existing processes. 

👥 Joining communities accelerates learning. Peers provide frameworks and moral support for the AI adoption journey.

Listen as Susan and Tereza break down complex theory into simple execution.

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