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The 4 am Report

Feb 23, 2022

Does looking into your podcast stats and seeing little numbers make you sad and stressed out? 

Should you even care about the number of downloads and listens you get?

Short answer, no. 

To really get an idea of the effect your podcast is really having, we thought of a little model we like to call the domino effect.  

Think of it like a line-up of dominoes - you knock over one piece, and then from there comes a series of connected things that happen that can include:

1) Current clients hearing your podcast and wanting to work with you on a different scope or level.

2) D
ark social - people who aren’t active on your social front, who don’t comment at all or seem to have even seen what you’ve done, but have really been following you all along and who now want to work with you

3) R
ecommendations and affiliates

So measure your podcasting RIO, based on actual dollars in the bank and equity created as opposed to downloads and listens.