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The 4 am Report

Feb 20, 2020

It’s that time again, folks, when the stars are still out 🌟🌟🌟 and your bed is SO WARM – The 4 AM Report is back!

In this episode we're talking about what’s keeping Amy Vodarek up at night. Founder of Insight Edge, she’s a coach, consultant, author and educator, who works with women leaders, their teams and organizations with care, passion, and interest in action.

“Once you begin the practices to enhance self-awareness, you begin to see new possibilities everywhere and, no longer feel boxed in or trapped. Life becomes more generative and expansive as opportunities for creative action become visible.”

In other words: Embrace who you are. Unleash your brilliance.

You’ll want to listen to Amy if:

🎯 You have BIG VISION but second guess yourself and your worthiness

🎯 You flit from career to career – in shorter and shorter intervals – and aren’t sure what’s up with that?

🎯 You still have that demon 😈 inside your head telling you you’re not good enough, or you really can’t achieve this or that.

It’s truly nuts just how much negativity we all have swirling around our brains. No matter how successful we are! The goal is to figure out how to stop that negativity – and begin to accept yourself for who you are – or where you want to be!

Here’s a few tidbits of our discussion, so read away! Or, if you want to, jump right in NOW – click here to listen to the entire sleepy chat! 

Searching For MORE 

“My background is nursing. And I was, you know, a critical care pediatric nurse for 11 years and then moved into some sort of advanced practice nursing roles, which I thought was what my course was - I thought I was on the trajectory I was supposed to be on. And the fact that I constantly was jumping onto committees and groups and activities to try something new *within those jobs*, was somewhat frustrating to me because I couldn't just BE, I couldn't just do my work; show up to work and do the great work I was doing - I always had this curiosity, this sense of unrest.”


“Women still have that demon in their head of, you know, knowing your place. Don't be too ambitious or, you were really good and set on your path doing this. Why are you now rocking the boat and doing this? I can see how even the most, you know, self-examined person would still struggle with this - it's so ingrained in us. I think some of it too is this discomfort with what we think others are thinking. Right? Are they thinking that we think we're all this or all that and that, you know, we can't stay on the path that they're on with us because we think we've got something better than them? Rather than just “No, I just feel like, this isn't my path to stay on.” And I think it can really trip us up. I'll speak for myself. It has really tripped me up and being visible in the marketplace.” 

Strive For Growth By Ear-Plugging the Demon!

“Ok, so I have a roster full of clients. But if they aren't the clients that I'm designed to serve and desire to serve, I'll do great work, but it may not feel like I'm successful. So, let's segue a little into the onto the marketing side of things. Yeah. So, for 2021, I ask myself: What's your goal here? What do you What are you trying to accomplish? What do you want to do differently? What are you doing to reach that client or that audience you want to reach? Do you have a plan for, you know, continuing to grow as a thought leader in your industry? It becomes this. This almost paradox of ‘I want to deliver more service. So, people need to know I exist.’ But yet, the internal messaging is, ‘Well, now you're being showy, showing off, and it's all about you, and you've lost your mission and purpose.’ But really, that's not it. It's just self-talk. That is really some of the game that we can get caught up in.” 

Just Get Out There – But be FUNNY About It!! 😂😂😂

“Learn to manage all these invisible barriers and stories, then humor becomes a lot more accessible. Because then it's like, I'm going to just say what I think I'm going to, you know, I've done some pretty funny things and workshops by accident and just allowed myself to, you know, enjoy the funny moment. But to use that as what I'm hearing as part of, you know, you get known a little bit for your quirky humor or the absolutely stupid things you do, just like keynote talk, you know? I say embrace it. I mean, it's so hard to stand out. Everyone's out promoting themselves and it's just, it's hard to stand out and, and to make people stop the scroll and pay attention to you. So, you know, something authentically is you and you can add that into your overall, you know, strategy for online digital communications. And that's something definitely to consider.” 

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About Amy

Amy is the Founder of Insight Edge Learning and Leadership Company. A catalyst for women entrepreneurs and leaders who are innovators and change-makers. Helping women break free from invisible barriers to powerfully step up, influence and change the world. CEO of Insight Edge Learning and Leadership, coach, strategic advisor, speaker, educator, co-author Good Enough. Embrace who you are. Unleash your brilliance.