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The 4 am Report

Jun 23, 2021

This episode of πŸŽ™The 4 AM Report! πŸŽ™ we want to share how we got 100% attendance at our virtual event/cooking club featuring Chef Andrea Buckett, and how you can too. From creating an experience to keeping it short (no hard-sell ffs) to infusing entertainment in everything, we share:

πŸ“ Why you shouldn’t over-police 

πŸ“ How to add to the entertainment factor with your bloopers and missteps

πŸ“ The Holy Grail of connections – how loosening up has helped Andrea Buckett resonate with others more than ever 

πŸ“ That emailers can be used to communicate and entertain!

🎧Get comfy and tune in for more!🎧