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The 4 am Report

May 12, 2021

Welcome back to the 💫4 AM Report💫 and we’re still celebrating 100 episodes.

This time, singing 🎵Simply the Best🎵. You know we love Tina Turner. But there’s also the excellent Noah Reed version featured on Schitt’s Creek. So, without more ado, what could be more fitting than a discussion between Will and I about our top 5
favourite episodes? We chat about:

 What’s in a name – the story behind The 4AM Report and pilot
 How a clever tweet grabbed us, our audience and the world (kudos to us for being the first to snap this guest up!)
 The weird intersections of our book club and our podcast guests, from Allen Gannet and the Creative Curve to Tiffany Dufu and Drop the Ball
 Our foray into non-marketing topics and a focus on diversity and inclusion
 Marketing during times of crisis with Martin Waxman 

Tune in for more!