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The 4 am Report

Jul 25, 2019

TODAY marks the release of episode 7!  🥳Our baby is 7 already. Where does the time go... 

Susan and Will talk to Business Mindset Strategist, Megan O’Neil on imposter syndrome and how that’s hampering marketers in their quest for visibility at a brand and personal level.

This one is good. In fact, it’s so good, we broke our promise to keep every episode micro.   

How very dare we, you ask? Well, whenever we talk to Marketing Mindset Strategist, Megan O’Neil, she gives us so much good stuff to ponder. This time her mindset advice is so good, we just hit record...and edited NOTHING out. (Don’t fret - It’s still a very digestible listen coming in at under 20 minutes).  

Megan chats with us about the complex dynamic of the times. Constant disruption and overwhelm. Fear that holds us back from the creativity that the environment demands. All heavily fuelled by the pseudo-wokeness of the social world. 

The solution: reframing failure. Understanding the process. Getting that ‘the people’ take time to catch up to things. And coming back to what you need to, when you need to, with a strong understanding of yourself, to deliver your masterpiece(s). It’s in us ALL. It sounds woo-woo. But  the brain is a powerful thing! And we all need to learn to master it.

Megan gives us a masterclass for marketers here.

Listen to this milestone episode of The 4 am Report. 

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About Megan:

Megan O’Neill is a Business Mindset Strategist with an international clientele. For over 18 years, she has assisted clients to break-free of limiting core beliefs, fears and patterns. Her work specializes in the area of entrepreneurial mindset—helping clients understand why they're operating the way they are, and then working to clear it at a deep level so they can transform to who they really are!  

To learn more about Megan and how the method of coaching can help you, visit: or on Facebook: