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The 4 am Report

Sep 12, 2019

Another 4 am dispatch ready for your unreasonably early listening pleasure.  

This week, as we go deeper into the dark, we’re talking to Leigh Clements from SHOT in the Dark Mysteries and we talk about the ever changing ecommerce digital marketing space.

So Leigh has a pretty cool gig! She’s creates murder mysteries. (For reals!)

Not really like those parties your parents threw in the 80s, though. Leigh’s creations are focused on true investigation experiences 🕵️‍♀️. And people, all over the world, are loving them. 

Leigh is what we’re calling a magical unicorn when it comes to marketing. She has run a successful online shop, ranking on page 1 of google, taking on ‘The Overlord of Search’, who makes 3,200 algorithm changes a year, solo. That's pretty. Darn! Impressive!!

But what’s keeping her up at night now, is exactly those 1000s of changes Google has made to SEO. It’s a lot. And they impact smaller players who’ve lived by wit and hard work, just as harshly as they impact the bigger players who think mindless keywording and backlinking is the ticket to all things.

And Leigh wants nothing to do with search results beyond page 1.   

So grab a coffee, give us 10 minutes (remember, our podcasts are micro), and go deeper into the dark with us as we discuss how Leigh and others online businesses (which is the holy grail for us, let’s be honest) can own search intelligently again!

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Oh, and if you have trouble sleeping because you can’t switch off your hard-wired, marketing obsessed brain, drop us a line, and be a guest on an upcoming episode. 🎙👀

About Leigh

Leigh Clements is the Creative Director of Shot In The Dark Mysteries, a murder mystery company focused on true-investigation experiences. Leigh has been marketing SHOT digitally since the days of MySpace, and continues to strive to grow SHOT within the ever-changing e-commerce digital marketing space.

Connect with Leigh

Insta: @shotinthedarkmysteries
FB: @shotinthedarkmysteries
Pinterest: @mysterymaiden