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The 4 am Report

May 14, 2020

How are your sleeps going now that Covid-19 is entering a new phase of cautious rule-loosening? 🦠😴😱🦠 

Hopefully slightly better – because it’s time for another edition of the 4 AM Report! 🍷🥃🍷

This week Will and Susan chat about investing in an often-overlooked part of small biz infrastructure – human resources!

What better time, really, when the work-world is upside down!

Guest Helen Patterson helps businesses grow by creating people strategies, and heart-centered, high-performance cultures. 

You’ll learn:

🌟 The importance of having HR policies in place BEFORE the scramble starts.

🌟 Why the hiring process isn’t the best use of time for a busy entrepreneur.

🌟 And why compassionate and humane leaders who treat staff with respect will sail through any crisis.

Let’s face it, it’s your people who are helping your company thrive. 

And right now, during these crazy times of economic uncertainty – to thrive is to survive.


About Helen

As the Founder of Life Works Well, Helen Patterson brings 20 years of passion and experience to creating high performance heart-centred cultures that deliver proven results and increased revenues. She is known for leading National firsts and has increased market share and brand awareness by up to 400%. She’s also helped these companies with millions of dollars in cost-savings through innovative people strategy and risk mitigation. 

Twitter: @HMPatterson19 
Instagram: @HMPatterson19 and