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The 4 am Report

Sep 21, 2023

🌟 For the milestone 200th episode of The 4am Report, we're doing something extraordinary. Imagine if you could peek into the playbooks of some of the industry's leading minds on generative AI. Well, on this episode, you can!

🛠️ We've assembled six revenue leaders to each share one killer tip on leveraging AI in your marketing strategy:

1️⃣ Learn how top social media agency founder and University of Toronto digital marketing instructor, Andrew Jenkins, spins content gold from assets like podcast interview transcripts using gen AI.

2️⃣ Get the inside scoop from financial advisor and founder, Wendy Brookhouse, on gathering industry intel for targeted marketing and showcasing of thought leadership.

3️⃣ Understand from pioneer event-led growth leader, Dionne Vaz, why strategy must precede tool selection with AI.

4️⃣ Discover from top strategic marketer, Suzanne Huber, the visual content revolution that can be enabled by AI.

5️⃣ Get sales insights from GTM leader, Dr. Jim Kanichirayil, on building a thought leadership framework to generate demand with AI.

6️⃣ Find out from Kira Tchernikovsky, founder and SaaS marketer extraordinaire, how to capture and process customer data at scale with AI.

🔥 This turbo-charged vault of wisdom WILL equips you with tactics to transform your marketing game using AI.

📝 So grab your notepad and dive into an eye-opening, life-giving episode! 

If you’re returning to The 4am Report, thank you! It’s folks like you that have kept us going for 200 episodes, with pride and purpose. Please do me a solid and me a drop a 5-star rating. The internet only recognizes feedback; and this would be super helpful to keep going. Thank you, again!