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The 4 am Report

May 31, 2023

Welcome back to The 4am Report!
🔥 Unveiling the truth: 3 marketing lies founder-led brands need to unlearn 🔥

In today's episode, we're debunking three common lies that founder-led brands need to unlearn in their marketing. If you're looking to grow and succeed in the competitive marketing landscape we have in a recession, you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Host Susan Diaz dives deep into:

👶 Lie #1: You can outsource or delegate marketing to someone junior (spoiler alert: the secret solution lies in systems. But how? Susan tells you in the episode.)

🤥 Lie #2: You can do it alone (let’s tackle the misconception that founders can handle all strategic aspects of marketing on their own, without a squad)

⛔️ Lie #3: You can be present in all available channels (stop at once because you’re overwhelming yourself and diluting your efforts to reach your ideal clients). Susan guides you through the vital few channels that align with your target audience and business goals. 

🎧 Tune in now and uncover the truth behind these marketing lies! 🎧

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Deets 👉 

Looking for UNboring ways to up-level your content marketing? Check out Susan Diaz's book, "UNboring: Take your content marketing from blah to brilliant." Available on Amazon and all major book retailers.

Thank you for tuning in to The 4am Report 🎙️✨