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The 4 am Report

Feb 15, 2023

 💫The 4am Report 💫 is back with another drop. In this episode, your host Susan Diaz, is breaking down something that keeps a lot of small business founders up at night. Revenue through the recession. 

Susan covers 

💡 The need for service-based small businesses to be bold and lean into their agility and ability to pivot 

💡 What is a “revenue marketing advisory board” and why you need one as a service-based small business founder making <5M

💡 The board's three prongs - ie: mentor + strategic advisor + council of peers - how to find them and gain their best advice for your REVENUE goals 

Grab a pen and sit down for this one; because revenue needs to be a TOP priority in a recession.

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Susan Diaz is the author of “UNboring: Take your content marketing from blah to brilliant” The book is available on Amazon and all other book retailers.