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The 4 am Report

Jan 18, 2023

Welcome back to 💫The 4 AM Report 💫

In this episode the one piece of tech that's on the mind of a majority of the people in the online business world. GPT, or generative AI. The most commonly known one is ChatGPT, a product that was introduced in November 2022. The very first weekend that they launched this free product, they had over a million people sign up.

While AI is not replacing any human jobs anytime soon, it’s definitely worth adding to your toolkit to supercharge your communication efforts; especially if you’re a writer of any type.

On the episode I dive into:

💡What generative AI (artificial intelligence) is and why ChatGPT is a phenomenon.

💡Why it's AI needs to be viewed as a super-tool and not a person (or a threat).

💡How ChatGPT (and other AI platforms) can be used as a tool to uber-simplify the grunt work that is involved in the process of creating any kind of marketing material (especially writing)

💡Why, and how can you use ChatGPT for lateral thinking (with some examples of things I now regularly use it for)

💡How to deal with naysayers and voices in your head who are not “early adopters”

Grab a 🍻☕️🍹beverage 🍻☕️🍹Kick back. And enjoy this epic episode we have for you!!!

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