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The 4 am Report

Dec 21, 2022

Welcome back to The 4am Report! Today host, Susan Diaz, dives deep into the specifics involved in fully leveraging your podcast to boost your pipeline in 2023. 

Susan covers:

πŸ“ Why podcasting is one of the most powerful tools that you can utilize in your pipeline process to increase your sales 

πŸ“ The importance of putting in place planning cycles so your podcast serves your business goals

πŸ“ The difference between podcasting for audience building and podcasting for business building

πŸ“ Five specific types of business goals that podcast could be serving

πŸ“ The seven factors we employ in the planning of the The 4am Report podcast (for you to steal and use!!) 

πŸ“ Why podcasting is the β€œTrojan horse” of pipeline conversations 

For the full details on that and a lot more, 🎧 listen to the episode 🎧 

If a podcast is on your mind, and you plan to do it yourself, we have resources. 

In our podcast program focussed on building business (over audience) we cover:

  1. The podcast business case
  2. Building a podcast brand
  3. Setting up and integrating with the right podcast technology 
  4. Deploying the robust marketing plan that will take you through the crucial first quarter to help you rank in the top 25 podcasts in your industry in six months. 

You’ll find the program here πŸ‘‰ 

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