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The 4 am Report

Mar 24, 2022

Spring has sprung 🌷

And it brings with it a deeper dive into what you can do with a podcast, especially if you plan to stick around for 25 episodes or more, or already have over 25 episodes under your belt.

Now you may wonder why I'm putting both of those into the same category.

The reason is that there really are under 3 million podcasts in the world.
And of all these, only 7% of all podcasters have more than 7 episodes.

If you have more than 25 episodes, or you have a firm plan to do so, you should be thinking about panels, cohorts, masterminds, or whatever version of the small group/community that you want to think about.

Panels are an extremely good idea for a couple of reasons. 

Listen in 🎧