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The 4 am Report

Mar 2, 2022

Is wonderful Hero's Journey storytelling possible? Heck, yes. Does the average business podcaster know how to masterfully storytell by asking the right questions of a guest? I would argue not. 

So in its place, what are the types of things that you can do? What is it other than the one-on-one interview style that you can think about to fill your podcasting calendar.

There are three possibilities broadly, and during the course of this arc we're going to break it down into three different types of episodes:

  1. Teaching episodes
  2. Show and Tell episodes
  3. Fast turnaround episodes, either because you want to speak about news or because you're creating efficiency and bandwidth within your team. 

Today let's talk about the first of the podcast episode types that are an alternative to the Hero's Journey, and I am going to broadly categorize it as Teaching.

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