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The 4 am Report

Dec 8, 2021

We continue this week with our episode arc around what we can learn from winning examples of marketing in 2021 as we head into 2022. 

The categories and channels of marketing have changed.
Where's your innovation going to come from? 

Today, we wanted to dive deeper into the subject of newsjacking. One of the things that has proved successful for brands over and over again during the pandemic is newsjacking. 

Marketing is no longer a one-way, broadcast-only model. What really gets noticed is agility - being able to get involved in conversations, and do it fast. It’s certainly the only thing that stands out on social media! 

In 2021 brands excelled at newsjacking.
It's easy to assume that the brands in question are always like the big enterprises and the B2C brands - like the fast food chains certainly do it. 

That said, those are not the only brands that have newsjacked effectively; that have made it their purpose to get out there and get social. 

There was Bernie Sanders and the mittens from the US presidential inauguration. Every brand used that meme eventually! 
Senator Sanders' own team got involved and used the traction to raise funds for charity. 

That said, special mention to one of the Canadian geniused in this category! 
Ottawa Public Health! 

They created the character ‘Bruce’ And it went viral. Even Ryan Reynolds got involved! They are small municipal level government account, and they've done some amazing work in newsjacking. 

What can you learn from those examples? 

Take a listen!