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The 4 am Report

Nov 25, 2021

Today we’re extolling the virtues of a co-host format! Susan Diaz and Will Lamont have been the resident co-hosts of The 4am Report for 2.5 years and nearly 150 episodes! Typical episodes were either both of them with a guest, or the two of them presenting marketing advice in a teaching format. 

And we think 150 is a good time to switch things up a little bit. So after Episode 150, we'll be moving to a news-based format, leaning all the way into our Thirst for what's new and happening in the marketing and entertainment space, and what we can learn from that.

But first!

Here are 7 lessons from co-hosting 150 podcast episodes.

  1. There's an energy that comes from wing(wo)man. 
  2. Having a co-host bring different strengths to the table
  3. Co-hosting is, makes you lot braver as a publisher
  4. Co-hosts bring a wider network
  5. Having a co-host brings a lot more accountability
  6. Having a co-host truly makes podcasting fun. 
  7. Co-hosting with a collective goal on efficient content creation results in masses of content and engagement

Listen to the full episode. And if you’re a repeat visitor, drop us a 5 star review, pretty please! And thank you.