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The 4 am Report

Oct 29, 2021

Attention thirsty readers everywhere! Do you have a story that's got you absolutely parched? A news item, a marketing hit or miss, something from the world of entertainment and pop culture?
This week Susan is joined by Wealth Coach Wendy Brookhouse of Blackstar Wealth.

We're now taking story submissions. Hit reply and let us know your take on a story that caught your attention this week. We may even ask you to join us on our weekly Linkedin Live chat show, #ThirstyThursday


Podcasts 2 Ways

1) Toronto Raptor Fred VanVleet now has a podcast, and he's not just giving us dunking tips. "Bet on Yourself", which is his own life mantra, is geared towards BIPOC entrepreneurs and gives realistic tips on how anyone can succeed in life. 

2) We love spinning content into as many pieces as we can, so we were thrilled to hear that Stephen Colbert and the Late Show are taking a page out of the Thirsty Thursday playbook and repurposing their shows into podcast episodes. Not everyone prefers the visual medium, so it's important to make your content available to anyone who might want to consume it!

Real life Canadian 'Succession' 

No matter how awkward your holiday dinner might get, it likely won't beat the Rogers family get together this year. The telecom giant is dealing with serious family infighting in the company, causing their stocks to drop and soap opera-like stories to be splashed across the news. We've learned two things for sure from this story: the lawyers are the real winners in this, and we all need to watch out for errant butt-dials.

Spanx founder catching attention for all the right reasons

Sara Blakely, CEO of Spanx is having a pretty sweet week with the sale of a majority share of her company to a private equity firm. Never one to keep the wealth all to herself, she rewarded each of her employees with 2 first class tickets anywhere in the world as well as $10,000. We've been following Sara's moves for a while and think she's super inspirational and sets an amazing example of vision and perseverance for women everywhere.

Cabinet Upgrade

Justin Trudeau did a little shuffle after the elections with a new cabinet containing many women. While he's been called performative and shallow and accused of tokenism, we think it looks great on he government, especially since with the new very qualified minister of defence, being not only a women, but a child of immigrants, Anita Anand. What we DON'T love is the now-erased headline announcing that previous minister of defense Harjit Sajjan was "being replaced by a woman". 

Roblox X Chipotle 

Chipotle is hosting a 3 day  "Halloween-themed 'Boorito' experience" via the game Roblox, where people can virtually trick or treat in the online restaurant and earn coupons towards actual in-restaurant food. It's only natural that companies like Chipotle are experimenting with new forms of marketing in the metaverse, with their audience getting less tuned in to typical marketing and more into gamification.


For these stories, and more including Elizabeth Holmes, Adobe's 'Convert to NFT' option, and the Calgary transport department’s use of humour in signs, listen to the whole episode!