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The 4 am Report

Oct 27, 2021

If you are thinking of doing something for the year end, and haven’t quite nailed it, now’s the time. 

Whether it’s a report, or a workshop the best way to get it in the bag is to start with a recording to plan it. 

Come behind the scenes with co-host Susan Diaz and Will Lamont as they plan c+p digitals year-end Marketing Thirst Awards

In this power-packed 30 minute episode they walk you through

  1. How to choose an event category that is fun, relevant to your brand, and takes the opportunity to repurpose various content properties you have already created.
  2. The value of repurposing, especially when your bandwidth is stretched.
  3. How a panel of contributors will not just add energy and bring credibility to your event, but also bring you their audiences.
    1. The categories
    2. How to make your process transparent
    3. The logistics to make it easier
  4. We break down the methodology of an award show (if that’s your jam)
  5. How to pick some fun theming and an entertainment quotient to your event to prevent it from becoming a Zoom-box-snoozefest
  6. And finally the marketing plan we will be focussing on for 5 weeks ahead of the event

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