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The 4 am Report

Jul 16, 2020

A random selection of social media posts (What? You expected science? 😂😂😂) show that a lot of you aren’t sleeping well these days. 

Perfect timing for another episode of the 4 AM Report, exploring what’s keeping business leaders and marketers up at night! 😴

This week, we chat with Melissa Lloyd, founder and chief doodler at Doodle Lovely. 

Doodles? 🎨🖌🖋✍️

H*LL YEAH! You know how much we love our white boards! And there is real science behind the power of doodling.

Whether you call it visual notetaking, sketchnoting, or graphic recording, it’s all about putting pen to something, and letting those creative juices flow!

As Melissa points out, we are all born with creativity. And yet, many if not most of us lose that natural urge to scribble. 

Start today. Tear yourself away from your screens for five minutes. In fact, doodle while listening to this podcast episode!

Allow your mind to float, and your anxiety settle. 🧠 🧠 🧠


About Melissa

MELISSA LLOYD is an international Doodler, designer, teacher, author and inspirationalist. Her passion for creativity can be found globally on products, environments and in the hearts of those with whom she has connected.

Melissa combines her twenty plus years of experience in professional design and communication with her passion and connection to humanity, psychology, art therapy and mindfulness; infusing a deep understanding of self.

Melissa splits her time between mothering, creating, teaching and living in her little Cottage By The Sea. To discover more of Melissa’s work visit: