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The 4 am Report

Aug 13, 2021

With Susan Diaz off on a much deserved summer road trip , Angela Penton, Founder of Open Field PI, joined Will for this week’s  #ThirstyThursday


Greta Vogues fully on brand

Just in case you didn’t already realize the world is on fire, the latest UN climate report is stating that, unequivocally, humans are changing the climate everywhere on the planet. There’s really no going back, but we CAN slow things down. 

Recently Greta Thunberg, climate warrior extraordinaire, was on the cover of Vogue Scandinavia and took the opportunity to speak directly against the fast fashion industry as she accuses it of greenwashing.

What is greenwashing? Well in this case, it's when a company comes out with a line of environmentally friendly clothing (calling it recycled or eco or sustainable) to distract us from the environmental devestation they are actually causing. A recent report by the Changing Markets Foundation found that 59% of fast fashion brands making environmentally friendly claims, were in fact, false.

According to Greta, you cannot mass produce fashion and promote yourself as sustainable.

This has us rethinking some our own choices. We're all going to have to change our behaviour if we want to slow the warming down. 

Salesforce and Chill

Salesforce acquired Slack last year, and now they are announcing that in September they’re going to launch a streaming service for business professionals - basically Netflix for the Linkedin crowd. They plan to produce their own shows, but are also taking user-submitted content as well. Is this the next generation of Ted Talks? The new trusted business gospel? We’re watching closely!

Let’s Go To The Movies!

Are you ready to hit the movie theatres again? To encourage us all to return, Cineplex Canada is launching a membership program. For $9.99 a month, you get one free movie, discounts on their super addictive popcorn and the opportunity to purchase cheaper tickets for any friends who want to join you. Is this enough to lure us back now that the dents in the couch are JUST RIGHT for our butts after 18 months of Netflix and Disney+ in our own home theatres?

Delta Force

Delta airlines won some hearts for sending a gift package to a little girl named Delta, whose mother tweeted she was so bummed because, well, you know...the variant. 

Just like Delta Airlines, Corona Beer likely wasn't too happy when the Corona Virus was first name. But interestingly enough, their sales did not suffer at all. In fact, they went up!

Ah, the resiliency of kids and brands.

(BTW - we're wondering how Delta Burke has been handling the past few months)

A&W Antics

A&W Canada got a bit too gimmicky for both of us with their “Beyond Bait Experiment” to help launch their new plant based nuggets. In the promo video the veggie nugget is fed to a venus flytrap to prove that plant based bites can in fact satisfy a meat eater.

About Angela

Angela is the owner of Open Field PI and helps fast growing trades and manufacturers build capacity with effective processes so they can serve more happy customers with less day to day hassles and stress.
Continuous Improvement and creative and resourceful problem solving are the things that really drive her forward.
In her spare time, she loves to swim, scuba dive and hike the beautiful trails of Nova Scotia.