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The 4 am Report

Jun 18, 2021

🚨🚨We interrupt regular programming to bring you this week’s news at the intersection of entertainment and marketing.🚨🚨

Welcome to the Thirst List. A Friday edition of the hits, the misses, the causes, and the people that left us Thirsty.

Ronaldo prefers 'Agua'

Sometimes there's a lot of power in one little word. When Cristiano Ronaldo pushed aside bottles of Coke at a European Championship press conference and pointedly replacing them with water and a single word - "agua" - it drop-kicked the share price a whopping 1.6% aka 4 billion bucks. Considering the soccer star has 300 million followers on Instagram we're not surprised he feels he has the ability to speak out against the tournament's sponsor.

A shining display of leadership

This week, in what could have been a tragic scene when soccer player Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field, Denmark captain Simon Kjaer gave him CPR until medics arrived, had his teammates secure some privacy, and then consoled Eriksen's wife. People are are pointing to this as an example of true, next level leadership when a crisis strikes.

All of her apologizes to all of you

Legend-ary model, wife, mom, and Twitter Luna-tic lady, Chrissy Tiegen, was recently called out for some extremely nasty tweets from many moons ago, and rightfully left social meda for a mo', but recently returned in force with a Miles-long and self-centered apology letter. Enough with the self-indulgent apologies. We say it over and over: I'm sorry. FULL STOP. Resist the urge to overly explain your story.

BrewDog goes skunky 

According to several 2-4's of former employees, Scotland's BrewDog has brewed up a "culture of fear" on its way to the head of the pint glass. Instead of apologizing and promising change, the company proceeded to make things worse by forcing current employees to sign statements claiming their jobs were actually kegs of fun. 

These type of tactics may have worked in the past, but after living through a pandemic, and seeing other people hold those in power accountable, companies can't get away with this anymore. The voiceless are finally finding their voice.

Skin is in

According to the New York Times, not only are we going to be freeing our faces from masks post-pandemic, we are going to be freeing our beautiful pandemic bellies from the shackles of fabric with the summer 2021 hot trend: crop tops. And not the boxy, baggier ones you might have seen the past few years

A New York Times article explained that the 2021 crop top is smaller and tighter. They attribute this to the younger gen haveing missed out on musical festivals and other fun party events this past year and a half. 

Cut us off if you think it's a bad idea, but we're defo considering baring our b-buttons in a planned upcoming photoshoot.