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The 4 am Report

Jun 11, 2021

🚨🚨We interrupt regular programming to bring you this week’s news at the intersection of entertainment and marketing.🚨🚨

Welcome to the Thirst List. A Friday edition of the hits, the misses, the causes, and the people that left us Thirsty.

Finding words when it's hard

Our editor in chief, Susan Diaz, wrote a Linkedin post earlier this week, reflecting on the horrific murders in London, ON, and how it took her a few days to 'find her words'. The post resonated with a lot of people. And it's a struggle we've seen brands both big and small have to navigate this past year. Susan's message --- Say something. Find your words. Even when it's hard.


Happy Pride Month! This month we are loving the #KeepYourPride campaign, by a group called Corporate Accountablity Action, that’s calling out the two-faced, big brands that stick a rainbow flag on their logo while also donating to anti LGBTQ+ politicians. Companies like AT&T, NBC Universal, and Anheuser-Busch have been targeted, and we think it’s super important for these people to be kept accountable. Especially with the anti-trans and anti-gay legislation happening in several US red states.

Lindsay Lohan's Guide to NFTs

Who would have thought that we’d be taking advice from Lindsay Lohan on NFTs? She recently sold her latest single as an NFT for $85,000 (yes, Lohan still puts out music), and shared a step-by-step guide on how she creates and sells NFTs in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. 

According to Lohan, the NFT vibe is more than just the purchasing of a digital piece of art. She says, "Access to a stronger creator-and-buyer relationship is key." 

So fetch, Lindsay. So fetch!

Balenciaga crocs

Cardi B likes those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks, but we're into THESE Balenciagas, the ones that come from Crocs! Or maybe not. Because why would you take a comfortable, practical shoe, put a 6 inch heel on it and sell it for a cool $1400? 

Can Kanye save the Gap?

Once upon a time Yeezy said "Let’s go back, back to the Gap”, and now here he is, with his new, remarkably inexpensive (for him) "round jacket" from the Gap. Made of recycled nylon, this is the first release from a long-anticipated line of clothes. Will this make him famous for something other than being Kim K's off-the-wall ex-husband? We doubt it, but good effort, Ye.