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The 4 am Report

May 26, 2021

On 🎙 The 4 AM Report 🎙 we’re chatting to Laura Beauparlant about how to use explosive branding to stop the mindless scroll. She’s the founder and creative director of the agency Lab Creative and developed two innovative programs, Brand Camp and Brand Accelerator. Her mission is to help ambitious solo entrepreneurs and micro business owners create a brand that connects ( to ) with their audience. 

Listen to the episode to find out: 

💥 Why brands are becoming publishers

💥 How branding is like baking

💥 Why you need to connect with your brand, before your customers can

💥 Why a strong foundation is so important

💥 The need for a great visual identity, consistency, and clarity in the digital space

💥 Why being vulnerable and showing who you are is part of being kickass


About Laura

As the founder and chief ‘brand alchemist’ at Lab Creative, Laura leverages her unique process to help entrepreneurs understand – and embrace – their magic and create explosive brands that stand out from the crowd, attract the right clients and reach new levels of impact, influence and success.

As a speaker, Laura has been recognized for the chemistry she creates with her audience as she informs, inspires and candidly shares insights into her own story of overcoming adversity and finding clarity – in both life and business.

She has an engaging presence and easy, conversational style that captures her audience every time.



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